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Dessiz Digital Control Compact Laundry Dryer -10lbs Capacity,Portable Clothes Dryer Machine for Small Spaces,RVs and Apartments - Quiet, Sturdy and Easy to Use Ban on Amazon

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1. Excellent performance: It's run speed of about 60 decibels, unusually quiet in the running process. (The loudness it perceives varies depending on the noise level in the environment.) Without interfering with your normal conversation and sleep. Less power than other clothes dryers.
2. Space Friendly: This portable dryer is a small & lightweight design that weighs just 34.17 pounds, but large capacity full 9 lb(wet clothes). Suitable for use in RV, apartment and other small space. It can also be used as an auxiliary dryer for existing washing machines.
3. EASY TO USE | Knob-designed button, which makes the clothes dryer operation simple and easy to use without being overly complex.
4. QUITE A PERFORMANCE | It runs at approximately only 60 decibels, making it exceptionally quiet during operation. (Its perceived loudness can vary depending on the ambient noise level in the environment.)
5. Wide range of application: The Compact clothes dryer is suitable for drying baby clothes or small clothes, such as underwear, T-shirts, pajamas, yoga clothes, towels, T-shirts, handkerchief, socks, etc. It is more suitable for small space, apartment, dormitory, bedroom or home gym near etc.

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