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Full-Automatic Washing Machine with LED Display, 17.7 lbs Portable Compact Laundry Washer with Drain Pump, 10 Wash Programs 8 Water Levels

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1、【Automatic Imbalance Adjustment】Other portable washer would be violent shaking and vibrating while washing or spinning. But our laundry washing machine would initiate its imbalance adjustment system to handle this kind of situation, thus ensure the safety and reduce noise.

2、【Full Automatic Washer】 This portable washing machine is designed as a 2 in 1 compact washer. All you need to do is selecting the washing & spinning program and water level, then the mini laundry washer could work alone without your constant attention. This could save your time and you could do something more important.

3、【Portable and Space Saving】Our washing machine won’t take much space, thus making it an ideal choice for households with limit space, such as RV, Camping, Dorm and Apartments. You could easily store it. And you also don’t need to assemble this washer much before usage, hassle-free and easy to operate.

4、【Large Capacity for Family】The inner tub of this portable washer could load 15.6 lbs of clothes at one time, which is suitable for family of 3-4 members. The reference weight for all types of clothes would also be highlighted in the description and pictures. This washing machine would help you save more energy and efforts.

5、【Multi-functional Control Panel】There’ re 10 washing programs, 4 water level mode and 8 water level selections on the control panel of the full automatic washing machine, which is convenient. LED display could clearly show the laundry time. And the child lock also ensure the normal operation of the washing machine while protecting the safety of your family.